Variable Rate

A variable home loan interest rate is usually the standard loan offered.

This is a highly popular loan since it provides incredible flexibility:

  • full range of repayment options
  • increase payments at will
  • lump sums at any time
  • monthly, weekly, fortnightly, or bimonthly payment options
  • all extra funds available through redraw
  • split at any time
  • no fees.

Fixed Rate

A fixed interest rate loan does not change during the fixed period. You know exactly what your repayments will be and can budget accordingly.

You can fix all or part of your loan for up to 5 years. Restrictions apply as to repayment options.

Split Loans

Split loans enable you to split your loan for any purpose. They are flexible and enable you to have up to four separate accounts for any purpose.

For example, Split between:

  • Business—debt / Personal debt—get separate statements to help keep your accountant and the taxman happier
  • Variable rate / Fixed rate / Line of Credit—keep some flexibility while protecting against possible rate rises
  • His loan / Her loan / Car loan / Other—separate debt for any reason you think is worthwhile.

With split loans you:

  1. receive separate statements for each split, which makes managing your accounts easier
  2. can easily separate tax effective borrowings from non—tax effective borrowings
  3. you gain maximum flexibility
  4. option of separate accounts for separate portions.

Line Of Credit

This type of loan offers you an extended line of credit up to a certain amount for a specified period of time and for a set rate of interest.

You may use as much of the amount of credit available at any time and pay out all or any part of what is owing or re—borrow when necessary.

Lines of credit accounts are therefore highly flexible and offer a full range of options:

  • full range of repayment options
  • unlimited cheques
  • set to automatically pay regular bills including credit cards
  • instant access to funds
  • free unlimited transactions including B-Pay
  • use for mortgage minimisation.

Lo Doc

This type of loan is mostly suited to self employed clients. It enables the client to borrow without full financials being completed. The income verification will be sourced from client supplying last 12 months BAS statements and/or current 6 months Business Trading Statements. (Conditions apply)


Credit Impaired/Non Conforming Loans

This type of loan is for clients who have experienced past problems with finances, have a poor credit history, or who do not qualify for a mainstream loan.

Repayment Options

The majority of Lenders offer a range of repayment options for your home loan, including:

  • Salary credit
  • B-Pay
  • Internet transfer
  • Direct debit from a nominated account
  • Monthly/fortnightly/weekly repayments
  • Principal and interest
  • Interest only

Together we discuss these options when helping you select the type of loan that will best work for you